What is AutoNap?

AutoNap is a (hopefully) fully automatizable Napster/OpenNap client which consequently serves one lone purpose: Getting mp3s!

It is purely written in Perl using Lincoln Stein's MP3::Napster Modul. As for yet, it has a simple but pleasant looking console interface using some ANSI colors and thus not needing any (n)curses stuff. See a screenshot.
Additionally, you might want to look at the manpage of

How to install?

Please, pleeeeeease, read the supplied README* files! It happened now several times that I got messages from people who encountered 'fatal error's (so the error message said) just because they did not run through the install procedure, which goes (briefly) like that:
NEVER JUST RUN AutoNap.PL or perl AutoNap.PL. It is not supposed to work. I made the configure script in order to prevent failures that might occur on certain machines due to a lot of platform dependent paramters.
Therefore: USE IT!!

What can it do?

Well, all the basic things needed to get mp3s.
That is:

What will come next?

Since AutoNap can finally share songs as well all major features (as required and proposed) are done so far. I'll now look out for bugs and elliminate as many as I can geta grip on.

The Todo-list goes as follows:

What does it require to run AutoNap?

Additionaly the best thing would be access to high-bandwidth remote machine on which AutoNap would be running. But naturally it'll also do on a local machine.
I haven't yet tested AutoNap on any platform apart from a Debian Linux 2.4 box. Yet it should run (at least) in theorie on all platforms that are supported by Bundle::MP3. Some changes to the code might still be necessary though.

Does it bug?

Probably it does, but never crashed my machine so far. ;-)
There has been a problem with MP3::Napster 2.03 of which Lincol Stein is aware so he immediately released 2.04 a few days after 2.03. If you happen to have 2.03 you have three choices:
  1. upgrading to 2.04 (probably the preferred way)
  2. downgrading to 2.02
  3. commenting out line 161 ('' or croak "select()...."; '') of MP3::Napster::IOEvent

How do I make it run?

See README for details on installing and a rough overview and README-running for a brief description of how to control AutoNap interactively and through the config file.

Can I help?

Very much so indeed!
You'd help by just running AutoNap and submitting bugs or new feature proposals. And in case you're a passionate Perl-hacker you're naturally welcome to join in extending the source.
Anyways, if there's anything you'd like to tell me, send and email to me.

Where to get releases?

You find the repository of all so far released versions here.
More interesting will be the project's _technical_ page where you will usually find news regarding the current state of the development. Besides, you wont get tricked by not knowing which is the most current release. Just get the tarball listed under 'AutoNap-Linux'.